Youthful YOUD! Beauty Center Concept In Rotterdam

A contemporary beauty center concept encompassing a youthful spirit and modern technologies shows how shape, color and material can create a certain atmosphere. YOUD! by All-In Living displays a bold and luxurious design, where guests can feel safe and comfortable and enjoy their “transformation”.

Except for the colors, lighting and layout, everything in this beauty center was custom designed by interior designers of Netherlands-based All-In Living. YOUD! Beauty Center in Rotterdam welcomes guests within an open, bright space where treatments and visual appeal pamper the clients.

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Youd! describe themselves as filling “the gap between the current range of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery” and their central headquarters had to express this unique feature, about which you can read on their website. Spotted on Retail Design Blog, the beauty center’s interiors should offer each a customized appeal – this is why I am asking: what feeling does it give you?