The Shabby Chic Farmhouse That Floats on The Water

The Floating Farmhouse, located in Eldred, New York. This house is a relic of the 19th century. While it is updated, this house doesn’t “throw” the original pattern. Still there are some who seemingly shabby ornament, illustrates that residents still wanted to maintain the impression of “Old-Fashioned”. Givonehome design studio entrusted to restore the farmhouse. Fixed antique but with a modern twist.

Interior Design Inspiration Architecture Design Astonishing Master Plan 1 Idea Blue Print Design The Shabby Chic Farmhouse That Floats on The Water

It lies in direct contact with the flow of the river, it looks like a house that floats on water. More detailed is the flow of water is flowing under the porch. So when you are in front of the terrace, you will see the view over the beautiful river. Very interesting. What would you think when you are in this place?

Interior Design Inspiration Art Interior View Bedroom Mattress Bedding Pillow Fireplace White Wall Wooden Floor Table Antique Mirror Windowpane Door Firewood Beams Design The Shabby Chic Farmhouse That Floats on The Water

No one expected when the house was torn down. Because something beautiful emerge from this place. Modern impression is also present in the kitchen. Large glass windows as the glass that is above the skyscrapers. So that sunlight can enter freely. Moved to the bathroom, combination “ancient” and “modern” is clearly visible.

Interior Design Inspiration Architect Astonishing View House River White Roof Of Tiles Large Glass Windowpane Light Terrace Veranda Trees Lounge Chair Light Lamp Design The Shabby Chic Farmhouse That Floats on The Water

Cozy bedroom with a spacious room as well as glass windows for sunlight offset the chill morning air. The edge of the bath tub with a blend that still leaves the impression of “native” with a touch of wood plus stailess on the tub wall. Marble washstand is also still present to leave the impression of “Old” antique mirror is also placed makeshift.

Interior Design Inspiration Architectu View Of The Outdoors Large Glass Windows Long Table Chairs Pendant Lamp Door Gazebo Marble Floor Bowl Snow Trees Beams River Design The Shabby Chic Farmhouse That Floats on The Water

All shades in order expose the invisibility of all contemporary then old impression. Doesn’t this look really awesome to be observed? Really smart who had this idea. It never occurred to ordinary people.

The scenery around the house that looks comfortable then quiet adds simple in this shelter. Healthy environment, fresh air, bringing together natural instincts also trees. Gazebo also present around the home page for complete uniqueness of the agricultural past that. I feel comfortable if I could come enjoy the day relaxing on the front porch with a cup of hot coffee. What about you?