Stunning Costa Brava Property Overlooking The Mediterranean

With a location that pampers successful attempts to create luxurious residential structures, this stunning Costa Brava property proudly displays a chic arrangement of spaces. Rising from atop Spain’s Wild Coast cliffs, the 15,586 square foot property is nestled between rocks in a private residential area. A sculptural spiral staircase connects the levels of the house and offers an alternative to reaching the upstairs via the panoramic elevator accessed from the ground level garage.

Two apparently separated structures give both the owners and their guests the possibility of enjoying quality time surrounded by a modern collection of spaces. The main building benefits from a gorgeous lounge, a gourmet kitchen, a modern wine cellar, a relaxation area, an office space, an outdoor cinema, two bedrooms, baths and a master suite with private dressing room.

Resort & Villa Mediterranean Sofa Pillow White Grass Storey Plant Lounge Exterior Beach Glass Carpet Brown Fur Rug Real Estate Design Interior Villa House Islands Costa Brava Stunning Costa Brava Property Overlooking The Mediterranean

The guest suite has large terraces concentrating magnificent views of the Mediterranean and overlooks the heated infinity pool in the picturesque garden. Terraces and decks create a modern landscaped garden controlled by natural light throughout the day.