Small Home Offering a High Living Standard in Argentina

Architecture Second Floor Persian Carpet Armchair Mini Table Monitor Television Floor Lamp Ceiling Beams Wooden Floor Office Equipment Air Conditioner White Wall Small Home Offering a High Living Standard in Argentina

The green field of the backyard with the pool on aside is the classic idea for the medium large area model. It can impress us the good looking and good circulation of the fresh air by the wide opened access from the backyard to the dinning room beside the kitchen. The beautiful flowers with many other greenery planted along the side covering the outside wall is a very good thought to make the pool and the backyard beautifully look.

Interior designed with not so much item for the furniture, guess for the simple effective and functional personality. There is Persian carpet laid on the second floor is functioned for the TV time and sometimes spend time work or study in front of the desk with the reading lamp. The single nice off white armchair put on the right place to catch the light of the sun. Pure white is chosen to coloring the house so it’s feels clean and glamorous.

The living room for family time is in the same living space with the dinning set and the kitchen. The sofa sets face the opposite of the dinning table completed by the flat screen TV and the wooden bookshelf also used for the audio set enhancement. The full abstract motif of the sofa and the table is look fascinating in natural green on pastel. The transparent roof helps capture more sun light in to the house.

Architecture Living Room Sofa White Wall Patterned Brick Wall Table Fireplace Firewood Office Equipment Small Home Offering a High Living Standard in Argentina

The building is feeling strong with the natural stone wall. Full function for the space under the stairs can be used to restore all the house appliances. The pergola can give more accents the attic. It is like it decorates by it self. The open access from indoor liv ing space to the backyard is able to close at anytime we need by the folding glass door. It does can keep the house protected at night or we can leave the house empty without have to concerning the security matters.