Picturesque Home “Lost” in The Forest by Alejandro Sánchez García

Casa San san designed by architect Alejandro Sanchez Garcia. A place that will allow you to enjoy a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. This place is designed so that every inhabitants are always relaxed through the day relaxed. It is intended to serve all residents satisfaction. Valle be Bravo, Mexico, a dwelling with natural coolness. Wood dominance was evident on the interior as well as exterior design.

Look at each corner of the room. Lots of open space so that you never miss the moment enjoy the comfort. Here, each occupant as directly interacting with the surrounding ingkungan. Almost limitless. Wherever there is going to every corner of the room. You would always like to follow to say, “Wow, this is really very beautiful”.

Architecture Evening View Exterior Interior Amazing Lounge Chairs Wooden Floor Ceiling Light Lamp Large Window Glass Door Tress 945x561 Picturesque Home “Lost” in The Forest by Alejandro Sánchez García

Each room is designed as one with nature, because it is the uniqueness of this home. Large windows, almost no wall obstructing out of the house. Room was made up as will spoil your sleep time. Spacious kitchen, will not make you bored linger in this room with your activities.

Architecture Backyard Exterior Teracce Sofa Big Stone Green Grass Ceiling Trees Dominant Wood Wooden Floor Glass Door Large Windowpane Picturesque Home “Lost” in The Forest by Alejandro Sánchez García

A touch of green is also very pronounced. Many trees also green grass around the house make you avoid eye fatigue. Transparent roof, the warmth of the morning sun you can enjoy every day without having to worry you will lack the light. I allow you to comment on every corner of the room. Both the exterior along with the interior, I’m sure you will agree with me about how captivating this place. Amazing.