Natural Stone Bathtubs Combining Comfort with a Genuine Look

Not even cross in my mind there is someone can think such unique idea to design the bathtub with the stone as the material. Can't imagine how it might feel if I try it. But it will never be a bad idea to try, or maybe bad idea not to? What do you say? I have my own opinion with this. I think if we have this natural stone bathtub in warm air of tropical climates, then the stone will naturally cooling the water. Anyone can tell me how it will be in the low temperature of the four season country?

Placed nicely near the window, on the wooden floor, our stone didn't lose the style. A funny clothes line painting, cool green planted on the vase on the window, slim tall green glass vase, decorate the bathroom very well. There is a traditional sink put on the modern marble table with the soap bar to clean up. There is a glass bulkhead with grid pattern and curved shape to separate the shower space. It is wooden floor to avoid the floor being slippery.

The wall hook to hang the towel or clothes sets beside the shower space so we can reach easily. The armchair placed near the natural stone bathtub with the fine carpet to enhance interior design. Now I like to get back to the exciting subject about this natural stone bathtub. Everyone can use their own imagination about this unique bathtub.

Bathroom Interior Natural Stone Bathtub Large Window Pane Ceiling Beams Transparent Glass Shower Natural Stone Bathtubs Combining Comfort with a Genuine Look

I can imagine my self like the noble person in the ancient time having a delicate herb bath, in warm water, special oil and fragrance. That is what I call a royal bath tradition. That is the best idea of mine about what I am going to do if I have this stone. Let me know how is yours?