Modern Country Home Near Bombay: Brick Kiln House

The intriguing looking Brick Kiln House is a country retreat developed by SPASM Design Architects and located in Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India. Inspired by the the local rabbit of backing bricks on the green lots, the architects envisioned a home that is based on inhabiting these “almost primitive” forms. Brick Kiln House consists of two separate structures, built around the lush trees on the site. According to the architects, “the living space has a curious shed-like volume, where the materials of the house come together rather loosely.

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Insinuating incompleteness and creating a sense of being immersed in the vegetation around. The body of the house hides under tree canopies like a gator, at the edge of a river bank. The choice of BRICK was based on color, strength, finish-blemishes of a hand-made unit were key to the overall expression.” Before seeing this project, how did you imagine a common country home near Bombay?