How to Build Original Faceted Vessels

We ran across an interesting series of handmade faceted vessels and light-shades on Core77, that captured our attention. Created by Phil Cuttance, by using a relatively simple, but original technique, the designs in the FACETURE Series stand out due to their odd shape. According to the designer, each piece is unique, and has a special number at the bottom to mark this fact. Here is the process of production, as described by Phil: “First the mould of the object is hand-made by scoring and cutting a sheet of 0.5mm plastic sheet.

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This sheet is then folded, cut and taped into the overall shape of the product that is to be cast. The mould’s final shape, and strength, is dictated by which triangular facets I pop in and out. I then mix a water-based casting resin that is cast in the mould where it sets solid. The material soon sets creating a hollow solid object“. And if you need further help understanding the process, just check out the video below! [Images by Petr Krejci]