Captivating Contemporary Solution For Tight Urban Spaces

Ideas Exterior Facade Square House Sliding Door Garage Patterned Wood Stair Grip Car Port Bamboos Plant Wood Domination Captivating Contemporary Solution For Tight Urban Spaces

If you are a person who looking for design can represent your success, this house can be the best you can take as the reference for your own home design. Especially if you live in subtropical climates. Slightly bamboos planted along the border wall automatically decorate the façade of the house. The large garage looks great with the majestic sliding wood door. The façade shows us the house in brown and white.

In the side and backyard we don't found any other plant but the palms tree. It is a simple garden. No Lawns, no grasses or flowers. But it's still looks elegant. In the first floor, I can say that the transparent wall or window pane will always be the best choice of trend of the year, maybe a long the decade and will lasting to the centuries. It's so interesting because it doesn't show off. The house owner want the designer understand that the house should be covered from the outside look and feel free for private look behind it.

If there are grads from 1 to 10 for the living room, I like to give this one 11! How can't I give it? Look how they placed the sofa set facing the wide flat screen TV while the back side of the sofa sets up as the bookcase. How smartly effective isn't it? The stainless arch lamp looks meant to be there. Some pile of books, rabbit doll, magazine and others placed random on the table. The alien statue from the movie character of E.T and the retro girl picture also there to décor the room.

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The dark carpet framed the sitting room for the focus sight. So our eyes won't split up when they have done with it and move to admire the dining space. Still in the same space the dining table with the dining chairs lined up face to face. Two huge pendant lamps hang above the table. They have blue lights to enchanted each dinner in the house. The stair, the corridors and the veranda are wood patterned floor for naturally cool feeling. This is very charming. how about you?