Breathtaking, Two Modern Villas Hidden by a single Facade: MIKI 1 House

MIKI 1 House was designed by Alexander Brenner Architects and is located in Stuttgart, Germany. Even though the project appears to be a single villa, behind the facade there are two individual homes, with two different layouts, according to the needs of the inhabitants.

Here is more from the architects: “While the villas have almost the same floor area, the western half of the duplex has a multi-room plan suitable for a family, whereas the eastern half was designed with an open, flowing room concept. The generous stairs with twelve steps leads from the road to the en-trance level. The entrances are invisibly integrated into the surface structure of the ground floor. Additionally, the eastern half of the duplex offers direct access via the garage.

For the spacious two-storey room on the ground floor the architect designed a detached concrete kitchen counter and a dining table, whose concrete base supports a seemingly hovering timber tabletop, which is illuminated from below. The living area, the lounge zone and the work-space on the gallery are flooded with light entering through the glass facade on the south side, facing the view“. Have a look at the architecture plans at the end of the post for a better understanding of the project and tell us what you think.